“Synesthesia” Tour 2014! Sana in Sofia! 02.04.2014

I finally decided to make my own personal article for the live, apart of that I wrote for Nippon Heaven! It was wild, yes! It was good, it was fun! But as always, let’s start from the beginning!

* * *

Usually, when we go to concert, me and my friends take the first possible train at the morning and stay in front of the club loooot of time. But this time was different – not at least, this time only me and Dani went there. So we took the train at 10:15am, instead this one at 6am, so we had some crazy 4 hours traveling and talking about bullshits mostly. The train had to arrive at 2pm, so we had enough time to do lots of things as the concert was going to start at 7:30pm. After arriving in Sofia we went to meet our friend in crime, Ivo – also our only man in NH staff. Of course, before reaching him, we got lost and had some more time walking, but after some more time we finally found the place of the meeting. It was a park and everything was green, so we took our place right on the grass. And we ate sushi! Yes, it was my first time eating sushi and I can say that it was very delicious.

DSCI1276We met some more people there and we had some talking. It was funny afternoon after all. Actually, they mostly talked about anime and cosplay, which is totally not the thing I know, but however it was fun, and this time I was listener.
After that it was the time to go to the venue, because it was already 5:30pm and Dani had VIP ticket, so she had to enter the club 1 hour before. This time I wasn’t able to buy VIP ticket, but will do my best for the next time. We arrived there at arounf 6pm so we had to wait some time more. But we took some photos in front of the club and made some conversations with the other people there.

DSCI1282This is me, in front of the big billboard in front of the club. I was dressed casual this time and not really like I’m going at a rock live, but however, I felt comfort, so this is the point. Yeah! Hm, so in 7:30pm the door were opened and we were able to enter the club. I found my place, right in the first row, where Dani was already. So after everyone were in, we finally were ready for Sana to come and play. And he came.
His performance was awesome! This is all I can say. Fun thing is… I think at the end of his tour he will have a very big harem.
I like a lot of his songs, even though he don’t have many. “I” and “Eclipse” are probably my favorite ones.

DSCI1293DSCI1308After the live ended, and also the encore, it was time for Sana to start signing autographs. He was talking with everybody while signing and was writing everyone’s names. I also went to take my autograph and we had some talk, of course with the promise to talk again later. After everything finished, he had some interviews with BG medias and with me, representing Nippon Heaven. It was very good and interesting and I felt really really good, doing my job as a journalist. This is something that I really loved and I hope that I’ll be able to do it more often in the future.

DSCI1321This is me with Sana. He is really great person and musician and I hope that I’ll be able to see him again soon. Thank you, SANA-sama! It was an awesome experience! ^^



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