Amairo no life


Yes, I have to apologize to many people recently. Not that I want to be bad person and most of all bad admin and so on…

First of all to Asako – sorry my dear, for leaving you to update GUILD page alone. For real. I feel guilty and I dunno what to do for you to reward this.

To Yeon – I’m probably the worst admin on NH, and in Anli too (not that I’m admin in Anli, but part of the crew). I’m doing my best not to miss my days and to post correctly.

Sorry also for not posting on NH as much as I have to. It’s just that my strength is gone somewhere. My work takes all my energy and when I’m at home I’m so tired I can’t even move. I caught myself sleeping even while watching at the laptop. And this is almost after every 1st shift. Even energy drinks can’t help me to stay awake. 😦

Thanks to Dani and Yeon for not leaving NH and updating. I’ll do my best to find the way not to feel so sleepy and to stay awake at least 19/7.

I apologize to anyone, with which I supposed to talk a lot before. I’ll be back one day, probably…

With all my true apology,


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