Carmina Burana at Antique Theater, Plovdiv, Bulgaria // 17.06.2014


2014’s summer opera season has begun on 17th June at the famous Antique Theater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The scene is very old and there is lots of famous musician, who has played on it. The organizer of all the events in the season is State Opera Plovdiv and most of performance are from it, even though there is guest musicians from all over the planet.

The opening and first played performance was the powerful spectacle “Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff. With conductor Dian Tchobanov and conductor of the choir Konstantin Dobroykov, the performance started powerful with the first notes of “O Fortuna” – maybe the most famous part of this opera. Visitors was enjoying the great orchestra and choir performance as well as the dance spectacle, for which choreography was responsible Boryana Sechanova and was played by ballet Arabesk.

Personally I’m very impressed by this performance. It was my first time going to opera and I can say it was very good experience for me. I was enjoying the music, choir’s singing – head female soprano has an awesome voice, dance performance was also in a good level. So Carmina Burana was a good choice for first seeing opera. I will go to another one for sure.

In the video below you can see the whole performance of the current day, which was gladly recorded by Ivan Rusanov. I recommend you to watch on full screen.

Carmina Burana Movements:

Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi
1. O Fortuna (choir)
2. Fortune plango vulnera (choir)
I – Primo vere
3. Veris leta facies (small choir)
4. Omnia Sol temperat (baritone)
5. Ecce gratum (choir)
Uf dem anger
6. Tanz (instrumental)
7. Floret silva (choir)
8. Chramer, gip die varwe mir (choir (small and large))
9. a) Reie (instrumental)
b) Swaz hie gat umbe (choir)
c) Chume, chum, geselle min (small choir)
d) Swaz hie gat umbe (reprise) (choir)
10. Were diu werlt alle min (choir)
II – In Taberna
11. Estuans interius (baritone)
12. Olim lacus colueram (tenor, choir (male))
13. Ego sum abbas (baritone, choir (male))
14. In taberna quando sumus (choir (male))
III – Cour d’amours
15. Amor volat undique (soprano, boys’ choir)
16. Dies, nox et omnia (baritone)
17. Stetit puella (soprano)
18. Circa mea pectora (baritone, choir)
19. Si puer cum puellula (3 tenors, baritone, 2 basses)
20. Veni, veni, venias (double choir)
21. In trutina (soprano)
22. Tempus est iocundum (soprano, baritone, boys’ choir)
23. Dulcissime (soprano)
Blanziflor et Helena
24. Ave formosissima (choir)
Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi
25. O Fortuna (reprise) (choir)


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