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New day even at the end of the month

Hello, everybody! How are you today?

It’s now 24th July, some kind of a middle of the year and almost the end of this month. The weather here in Plovdiv is terrific hot right now, ya know. Well, I prefer it like this. Last 2 days were a disaster. It was raining hard… and it was raining all over me 3 times in a row. The first time my sneakers was flooded with water and as I wasn’t able to work like this I had to buy myself thongs (as the only thing available in the shop I work). Then after work it caught me again, I got back home wet as hell. Of course, the next morning it decided to rain again when I was on my way to work and wasn’t able to go to any bus. So right now I’m happy that it’s sunny, even though it is as hell.

Looks like I’m not going to move soon, as I wrote in my previous update. There is some circumstances, which makes us to decide to stay here some more time. I’m pretty much OK with this. However, I started to have new ideas of living alone, but I’m not sure if something will change soon. Will live, will see!

The other surprising news is that I will have holidays – from 27th July to 2nd August including. I didn’t expected it, but my bosses decided so. Another thing is that I’ll be acting in a movie. It is a small role, but very important one, so I have to prepare myself to do it in a good way!

Ah, and I changed my header and background in here. I was browsing deviantART last night and found some awesome pics, by an awesome artist. The photo is taken and shows Dubai Marina – a destination, which is a must. I will go there some day for sure. However, look at the artist page at devART to see more many awesome pic! Vinaya Mohan on deviantART.




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