Amairo no life

Tuesday afternoon of the unreal

This is some crazy day, guys!

First of all, I’m during my summer holidays – my 3rd day of 6 in a row. First day I went to see my grandma and it was rest day. Yesterday I went filming. It was kind of a interesting and somehow nervous day, but I think that everything went well and the scenes were filmed all. I was playing an oracle and had a special outfit. I was looking like a old Thracian woman.

And this Tuesday of the unreal – I’m at my boyfriend’s home along with him and one of his best friends – Krisi. They are working on the movie and I’m also making some things for it, but not that general. I’m like a technician. Actually I didn’t expected to spend my days like this, but this happened.

I’m drinking coffee, Coca Cola zero and eating chips. I was also eating a desert, made by my boyfriend. It was delicious.

And we are all working!

tuesday unreal

Such a Tuesday of the unreal!


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