Song Review: Julia Marcell – LOW

Julia Marcell
Julia Marcell is a Polish singer-songwriter and pianist. The young woman is currently living and composing in Germany, but I think she have a strong appearance in Poland too. I had meet and listen to her music mostly because a Polish friend of mine.
I’m currently going to write my opinion for one of her latest songs – “LOW”. The song is written and is added as a soundtrack for the movie “Jak całkowicie zniknąć” (How to Disappear Completely), directed by Przemysław Wojcieszek (unfortunately I have no idea how to pronounce the name of the director).

Gerda meets Little Robber Girl in the Berlin subway. There’s only ten, twelve hours until they part. The common interests turn into a love affair and all ends in the morning. But there’s still a huge space of the city to navigate by night.

The film gets as close as possible to a free jazz composition. It’s about colors, flickering lights, rush, sounds and smell of a summer night in the city. Everything passes and dies every minute as life is a never ending sequence of things which are hold for a tiny moment. There’s no cinema anymore. And what was known as cinema is now just an intention of holding a camera. There’s poetry and music coming from the streets and we repeat the verses aloud keeping ourselves in a constant motion.

To be honest I heard the song first. I had no idea that it happened to be a movie soundtrack. It sounded good at the beginning and actually very like some of the singer’s previous songs I had heard before. It has a generic style and somehow dreamy. Now as I know that it’s from OST I can say it pretty much fits the idea of the movie. I like the way she sings and the way she express the lyric of the song. The melody is fairy and can make you start dreaming.

In general, it may be not a song for everyone’s ears, but it do make a sense. Give it a chance and at least one listen.

General note: 8/10


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