Amairo no life

Summer’s End

It’s the end of August. August 2014. Today is my first day from my holiday and I spent it kinda lonesome. You know why? No laptop = no life!

To start the story – on Sunday I was home alone and everything was perfect. How pathetic. Then I went to have diner and while eating, a big thunderstorm and heavy raining has begun. Of course, when I went back to my room and tried to use the laptop, I saw that there is no connection. The modem was working, but there had no connection. I waited whole evening and at the morning (next day) I called to the guys from “blizoo” and they sent a guy to check where’s the problem. Unfortunately, he told me a bad news – the problem is in my laptop. The LAN was gone. ><

I wondered what to do and in the end I decided to go to the warranty service and to give to repair. Of course, they took it, but… as I know them, I’ll take back my laptop probably after 2 weeks (best way) or even a whole month. This is a pure disaster. And of course, my holidays are ruined.

And as I have no laptop, I decided to go to the city library today and I took some books – actually 9 books. Really much, right? But I don’t care. I need to do something in this week when I’m not at work.

And today a miracle happened. Dad reminded me of my old PC and I decided to turn it on. As you read this, it shows that it decided to work. But I’m scared to use it like I use the laptop, cuz if I load that much pages – it will surely die.

Well, for the end… I’m waiting for tomorrow’s evening when my boyfriend will be back from his hometown and I’ll finally see him. I miss him so much, and we are far from each other for only 5 days. I think I’m more and more falling in love and I think that I’ll probably say “yes” to him in any way, cuz he always talk about marriage. I caught myself watching some wedding dresses and everything else and it’s so crazy. Ah…

However, this is for now! Wish me luck to take my laptop back till the end of the week.

And now… pics time!

My baby boy! He is here in Bulgaria for the summer. Of course, with his mother (my sister).
VladiThis is Sirena – a lovely Persian cat! My boyfriend’s cat. I’m taking care of her, while he is not in the city.
SirenaAnd in the end – this is me with my lovely boyfriend. I love him so so much!
me & my love

Well, this is really the end of the post! Bye bye!

With love,


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