Amairo no life

A Day In My Life

Today was totally and absolutely a lazy day! I overslept this morning and when I was fully awaken, I realized that there’s nobody at home! Recently I like to check my daily horoscope through an app in my phone and do you kow what was writen for today? Of course, you don’t know, but I’m going to tell you – that today will be a lazy day. xD

And as I wasn’t supposed to do anything, I continued to read my book. I’m currently reading “The Fortune is a Woman” by Elisabeth Adler and I can say I totally sink in the story. I’m already in the middle of the book and I can stop reading, even though I’m trying to do something else too.

By the way, I decided something last night. As you probably know, I like to create new things – especially blogs. This time I made something really new and really old at the same time. One of my first ideas actually.

The new blog is titled “Amairo’s Bookshelf” and is all about books. And of course, it’s again here – in wordpress. I’m totally in love with wordpress platform.

So here we go – “Amairo’s Bookshelf“!


Today I also went to see my sweet baby. He is growing every day and looks like he will soon be able to walk, even though he’s only 7 months old.

Me & my sweety below >>
Vladi & auntie

Tomorrow promises to be not that pathetic lazy. We (me & my parrents) already have a meeting scheduled for the morning! But I’ll probably write tomorrow evening more! For now, good night!


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