Amairo no life

Even though…

Yes, it is finally decided! We are going to move!

Today, the early morning we went to the house, in which we had to meet and talk with the landlords. We were there at 10:30am and right after we arrived we entered the building to see it. It is 3-floors house and looks like we are supposed to live in the second floor. It is currently empty and the people were busy with renewing the windows.

As we entered I was kinda pleased, because I knew the people. They came some times in my workplace to buy some things, and they recognized me as well.
The new place is 2 times bigger than the current one, in which I live and… the price we have to pay is less than the current one. Of course, there is a reason – the neighborhood.

The pros of the new place is that is bigger, cheaper and close to my workplace (15 minutes walk). The cons – the neighborhood and that I’ll be far from my boyfriends.

Well, I think I’m kinda possitive about this moving. You know – new place, new beginning. Yeah, I know I was talking the same when I moved to London, but here I have a normal work, income and I’m free to do whatever I want. And of course, the most important – I have somebody by my side now!

Tomorrow I’ll be busy collecting and packing my things, because we’re starting to move our things on Sunday. There is a lot of things, but I think we will be ready for a week.

Well, this is it for today! Wish a nice Friday evening (night) to all readers of my blog!
Good night, world! Have a sweet dreams!



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