Amairo no life

Wasted time

I’m exclusively angry today. I woke up early this morning, because it’s Monday and the technicians from the ISP had to come “in the morning” to install the new system from the new package I bought this Saturday. There was an error, so I had to wait till today for them. If there was no error, the girl from the office had to give it to me to install it by myself…. But NO!

So I woke up very early, waiting for the call from the technicians… but there wasn’t any call. I called to their central office and they promised me that they will call me to book the appointment. 3 hours later… still no call. I called again and got the same answer, even though I told them that I’m busy person and can’t wait them forever.

Now it almost 17:00 and still… NO call. I wasted all my time.

On the top of all, I received a message on my phone that my bill is available. How come, you stupid bastards…


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