Song Review: Tokio Hotel – Run, Run, Run

Tokio Hotel

It is very strange for me to write a review for song of Tokio Hotel. To be honest, back in time, I was a big fan of the band and knew all of their released songs… even some unreleased. I think that there’s no need to explain who they are – simply because they are worldwide known band. Well, probably the young kids won’t know them – a German band, singing both in German and English.

Their last release was the album “Humanoid” in 2009 and since then only a special Japanese edition of “Darkside of the sun” was released in 2011. The song I’m going to write about now is the first shown song from their upcoming album “Kings of Suburbia“.

I like it – this is what was my first thought about this song. Bill always was good at singing ballads. There is no other point about it. The song is slow, only Bill singing and Tom, playing the piano. Lyrics – English. I’m not sure if there is going to have a German version of this album, but I think that it will be interesting to hear the song in German too. I like the tune, the melody goes so gently, so touchy, luring you to listen it again and again, without stopping.

The video is made in a studio, with all the lights, effects and everything else. Perfectly directed by Gianluca Fellini. In this song we can see only Bill and Tom performing, but as there’s no other instruments except the piano, it looks reasonable. But, go see it and listen it by yourself. You won’t regret for sure!

General note: 10/10


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