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Last minutes and changed desicions


How are you, guys? I’ve been missing for a long time again! But you know, work and work.. once again. I’m really busy this last days and weeks, I can’t afford to do something online. Which is a bad thing for my sites and good thing for my peaceful life.

Bad thing is that I’ve caught a cold and now my throat hurts, my voice is gone and my nose is like a river. But as a good soldier, I go to work every single day and my voice starts to disappear more and more and soon I won’t be able to speak normally.

However, there is some good things happening lately and most of all, new plans and decisions for the future.
1. As I wrote in one of my previous posts, I had opened new blog (Amairo’s Bookshelf), which means that I won’t write book reviews in here anymore.
2. I’m not sure if I posted about this before, but… all music reviews now can be found at World Music Reviews.
3. I’ll start some new things here in order to replace the books and music reviews, which are now gone from this blog.
4. LOST ASH Worldwide is now separated. I’ll continue to update the blog, but the Twitter page is no longer owned by me.

There is a brand new thing also, very important one, but I’ll keep it a secret till the official announcement. I promise to write here again very soon. My last minutes are flying so fast. I have to go to work, cuz I’m second shift today.

1474660_649269448502398_5504506191413106763_n<- This pic is from today. I took right after I got home from that important place I was this morning. I changed my work shift, because of it – originally had to be 1st shift. However, I’ll write about this more after the official announcement, as I wrote already.

To mention the weather – here is awfully windy and cold and it also rains more of the time (like the whole day yesterday).

I wish you all a good day and nice Saturday! For all those people, who have their rest day now – I envy you all. xD

Till next post!
Bye bye!
Au revoir!


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