Amairo no life

Another (in)glorious day

It’s Monday, one of the last days of September and the autumn is here in a full power.

It is somehow cool to look at the colorful carpet, which cover the streets now. The mornings and evenings are cold, but the day is warm enough to walk the streets without a jacket. Still. But this won’t lasts too much.

Red-autumn-morningEven though Monday, there isn’t any results yet. I hope tomorrow the results will be announced somewhere.


And today, it was a somehow bad day. I had a fight with a customer and of course, with my “favorite” colleague. She’s the devil in a woman’s body. I can’t stand her, but unfortunately I have to work with her.



Ah, I found one of the thing, which I’ll post in here. I’ll start to make and work on the actual idea tomorrow, because today my phone’s battery suddenly died. Hehe…


So so, bye!



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