Album Review: Arnito – Ir

Arnito (with full name Arnaud Fillion – Robin) is a French “guitar player, versatile musician and composer” as he describe himself. Even though from France, Arnito had traveled around the world and till now he had released 10 music albums. He mix flamenco music with jazz, classical and is also influenced with sounds from different countries – their folk music.

In this post I’m going to write about his 11th album “Ir”. In it he tried to add some fusion and modernity, but also respect of the essence.
front-ir Silueta en el poso – soft flamenco sounds, bringing you to another world right from the beginning. I think that it’s chosen well to be the first song. Makes me wanna dance, especially the fast end of the song.

Au gré du vent – the second song continues with that “moving” sound with tempting melody. I like the repeated tact and percussions. In some moments the melody stops, but the pattern goes on.

Un souffle sur l’eau – starts slow with counted tact and the 7-strings guitar’s sound is added with a manner or it’s just me only, hearing it like this. This song sound somehow melancholic for me – slower than the first 2 songs. But good, yes.

Armura vechi – The song started with saxophone and the sounds is pretty much different from the other songs, but still that flamenco. Sounds more like gypsy’s music somehow, but in a good way. Strange fact is that in moments it sounds like it’s a song, composed and written in my own country, but I doubt that Arnito had visited Bulgaria.

Tile – that guitar and that sound of water… This song makes me feel like I’m somewhere near waterfall. Rhythmic sound and some positive emotions are coming from it.

Oro y ébano – are your shoes ready? Yes? Let’s dance!!!

Rêveries d’automne – sound from the autumn. Exactly this current time of the year. The melody is soft and it brings a nice feelings through my skin.

Chorro de luz – the sounds of the instruments is intertwined and it feels more like the first 2 songs. More harsh and and with bare melodic sound, which is absolutely not a bad thing, of course.

Ir – the main song, from the title of the album. Here the melody is like from a crying guitar, at the beginning of the song. Somehow dramatic and with more acoustic melodies at the middle of the song. The composition of the song is shredded and it ends so suddenly I don’t even get when it happen.

Irse – the last song from the album and it somehow continuation from the previous song. More fast though, melodic and with good moves. The sound reminds me of something familiar, but I still don’t know what it is. Telling a story.

All in all, good release, in my opinion. This is not like the music that I’m used to listen usually, but it makes a good break from the usual songs. The titles of the songs are in French and Spanish, but this is not a bad thing. So, if you’re fan of instrumentals and flamenco – go try this. You can download from here.

General note: 6/10


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