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Hello, my readers! As there is any…

I wrote some time ago that I’m accepted and will study to get master degree. Yes… and the lectures already started and I passed 2 weeks of them. Lectures are only Saturday and Sunday (yes, weekend), but I like going there. We’re studying interesting things and I’m very impressed. And the colleagues are cool and so different – there is musicians, artists, dancers and also people from the theater. And there is me.. the one, dreaming to became a producer.

What is good to study in the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts?
The music!!! At the morning is not so visible and we can’t hear, but right after the noon break – the music starts. An amazing classicism, modern music and piano. It’s so nice to listen to such music, while the lecturer are talking about the objects and all other stuffs.

I can’t explain with much words what I feel when I’m there. I can only say that I don’t want to go to work after lectures. I don’t want to see the real world and the bad people, coming at my workplace. But I can’t do anything, so…

However, this Sunday is my first exam. Strangely I’m not nervous. It will be all about law – Copyright Law. Of course, the one in Bulgaria. I think I’ll pass it… I hope so.

the Academy


Bye bye for now!


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