Amairo no life

Chocolate challenge part 1-3

So guys, you know.. chocolate is one of the biggest temptations of the world. Recently I decided not only to buy no-matter-what kind of chocolate, but different ones. I want to taste different tastes. And believe me, it do worth. So, let’s start.

1So there was a promotion, in the store I work in, of some Lindor chocolates. I wondered which one to buy and in the end, I decided to be the white one. It is so delicious, I still remember the taste. It worth the money.

2The next one I bought last night. Lindt, double lait. I really felt the milk in it. No matter what, Lindor knows how to make chocolate.

3And this night’s temptation – Milka’s collaboration with Oreo. This is one of the most awesome tastes, my favorite for sure. I love to eat it.

Yeah, I really do love chocolate. More to come soon!




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