Amairo no life

Free day or not? Anyhow, filming…

Hey, hello!

I had a free today. Yes, it happens sometimes. I’ll have free day even this Sunday, so I’ll be here, updating, even more. I’ll tell you: the fact that you don’t have to go to work is so sweet at the beginning of the day and it becomes bitter at its end, cuz you know that tomorrow is coming and you have to go to hell, excuse me – to work, again. Reading this, you probably already understood that I don’t like my current job. However, I’m not here to moan about my workplace. I’m here to tell you how beautiful day I had. (^_^)//

I woke up early today, drank coffee with my mother and when she went to work I moved to my room and took my notebook in my hands. In it, I now have Photoshop CS5, so I decided to make the new cover photo for NH. Using this program for first time wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t hard too. Anyhow, after 30 minutes of working I realized that this is not going to happen, so I changed the concept and made another pic instead. I’m pretty content with the result, so it’s gonna be this.

Other this is that we had to go filming today. If you had read some of my previous posts, you probably know that I’m acting in a movie. Well, today I was the operator, the cameraman… ^^

meIt’s not easy at all, but I think everything was filmed good, even though this was my first time being behind the camera. I’m not sure if I have to mention, but it was totally cold. Well, let’s not forget the date – 26th November.

We’re continuing filming in every possible day, so that means that very soon I may die, because of the cold weather. xD

Anyway, it was a refreshing day and I spent some good time with friends and my sweet lovely boy. I hope I’ll have more days like this one.

~ Kiki


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