Song Review: REQUIEM – Sticks and Stones and Her Lovely Bones

REQUIEMREQUIEM is American band from Santa Cruz, California. I knew them since the time they were “Requiem For The Dead” and even then they were a good band. I’ve got their album “Always and Forever” and I should say that it was good.

As I’m mostly into Japanese music, there is always wonder how I get to know such bands, which are not playing that music. Well, they started following me in Twitter and I hit the button too and followed them back. It was a good choice.

The band went through some reformations and now they have female vocal, which I absolutely like. They are under the name “REQUIEM” only and they they released the album “The Unexplainable Truth”. The song I’m going to write about is from this album.

The title is “Sticks and Stones and Her Lovely Bones” and it’s placed under number 5 in the album. It starts with a guitar “solo” and it caught you in the melody. The singing is melodic and the collaboration between male and female vocalists is just perfect. I like the guitar chords, which can be heard all over the whole song. Drums are perfectly woven and all this makes the song too catchy and makes you listen it again and again.

The music video is interesting too – mix of band’s live performance and a story. I recommend to watch it:

General note: 9/10



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