Amairo no life

Goodbye, 2014!

Only 5 days left. Yes, after 5 days 2014 is going to its end. And it’s been a glorious, wonderful and little bit sad and angry year.

I still remember January and February of 2014 – it’s like it was yesterday. I was looking for a job, I was going to Saveway meeting and was preparing myself to do just nothing but updating my sites, day by day. It was way too sad and way too boring living of myself. Isn’t it?
I was sick, I was depressed and I wasn’t seeing me doing something interesting in my life. Only dreaming of going to Japan.

Then it came March and it was all the same. I became a part of Saveway and received my Save Card. And just on this day I went to an interview for a job. And the woman there told me to go to work on the next day, at the morning. I was paralysed, but I wanted to see again that guy from the shop, who told me where to go.

April came, I was working already on the shop, but however, they allowed me to have free day and I went to Sana’s live in Sofia, which was absolutely amazing. And then… I realized I’m in love with this crazy awesome guy from my work. Strangely, he liked me too and 20 days after we met, he became my boyfriend. Gladly, we are together for 9 months already.

Later on, my year passed so fast… I tried my luck and I was accepted to study for a master degree in the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in my city, majoring Art-management. I was chosen to act in a movie and I found lots more friends.

Sad things also happened. I lost a friend – Milena is no longer by my side, but this is the life. I had a fight with my sister again and now we are even more cold with each other, no matter that Vladi is here and I love him – my first nephew.

At the end of the year, I realize that this was very eventful year, with lots of emotions, lots of changed things, lots of love. I still wonder what would happen if I was still in London, but I do not regret. This was the best decision.

2015 is coming, and it’s fast. Only 5 days, right? I wish I have many more things to write about and I wish that my plans will became real.

For now, wish to everybody ho reads this Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

See you next year! ☆



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