Amairo no life

Welcome, 2015!

Hello, new 2015 Year!

It’s 2015, January 4th. What does that mean? We’re again at the beginning of something new, another 361 days are coming and there’s no need to write that it would be good to spend them in a better way – better than 2014.

Even though everything I wrote, I’m still at the same work place, but do you know – I don’t even give a s**t about it. I have desire to change it soon and most of all, after some months I’m gonna start my own business. I’m already used to the fact that I’m living in a country, in which the young people are treated bad and 80% of the people are just like monkeys. But still, there are this 20%, who makes me want to work and make my dreams come true.

In this new year, I’m ready to work hard and to finish my master degree with success. I’m ready to give my all to create my business, to give my all to be good at it and to give my all to continue to be this ambitious girl, who I am now!

In this new year I want to go back and to be in touch with my website and my team, more than I was in the last 9 months. I want to be able to write good articles again. I want to be that crazy, funny & informed girl, I once was.

And most of all, I want to be loved! I want that warmth from another body and soul. I want to love and to be loved!

Happy New 2015 Year! ☆



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