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The World Series: Alaska

Chugach Mountains


Hello, new world! Some time ago, last year, I wanted to start this series, but I hadn’t had enough time for it. Finally now, the time has come and I started. “But why Alaska?”, you may ask. I had never been there and why I’m starting with a place, which I don’t know. It’s simple – while I was wondering about with which country or place I should start, I opened Google Earth, rotate the planet and chose the place in which the mouse stopped. Simple as this. And yes, Alaska.

So what about Alaska. I may start with telling you that this is one of the latest states of USA, that it’s not too much populated or which are the borderlines. But this information you can simply go and read at Wikipedia, so there’s no need to write about such things.

Then what am I supposed to write about? Let me see… What I’m associating with Alaska is snow. I know it’s cold there – of course, too much in North. I like the snow, so I want to visit Alaska some day. Other thing that comes in my mind when I hear Alaska is the Twilight series and Edward Cullen. Yes, I’m a fan of it and I don’t feel ashamed, at all. But let’s go back to Alaska. Having in mind the fact I hadn’t been there, I want to publish some photos from there, which I found in Internet, while I was browsing through the net.

Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska
Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska


Sunrise somewhere in Alaska
Sunrise somewhere in Alaska




Such beautiful views. After seeing many of those, you’ll probably also want to there like me. I would like to visit Anchorage for sure and this will be my first destination, if I ever decide to go visit this state. And you can go too?

I think this is for my first time. I hope part 2 will be with place, which is more familiar, but it will what the Earth shows!

Bye! Till next time!
~ Kiki


All rights for the pictures goes to their owners. I don’t own anything, except my words.


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