Inspiring Musicians Series: GUILD

You see, another new year, another content of the blog. As yesterday, today I’m starting new series of publications and this one is called “Inspiring Musicians”. As I don’t write reviews here, but in my “World Music Reviews” blog, I decided anyhow to write about music again. Music is big part of my life, it is the music industry I’m going to work in, so I cannot just stop write about the music and musicians in my life. And as it is personal blog, I’ll do and write what I wand and have desire to.

In this first post from this series I decided to write about my big love, the band which made me come here. They are my platform and my idols. Who they are? GUILD!!!

GUILD 366Yes, this is GUILD. For those who are hearing about them for the first time – GUILD are Japanese visual kei band. They are formed back in 2006, but they started working with euclid agency in 2010 and they become known as diamonds. And they became my diamonds.

With 3 released singles and first album on the way, they made their first (and only for now) European tour. They were the first visual kei band, visiting Bulgaria. And I was there. Their concert was my first concert, they were first in everything. Before them I didn’t have big dreams or goals – they made me start everything.

After many years (more than 5 years now) they made and released many good, effective, heartbreaking and inspiring songs. I lived with them, I followed them and my big wish is to see them again. And you know, I will.

From the very shy band, they grew and now are famous big band in Japan, holding lives in big halls and all. I’m so proud of them. And looking them… I’m inspiring myself to grow with them. I can follow my dreams too, right? I can be shining diamond, just like them! ☆

GUILD (ギルド) are:  Ryuichi, Yoshihiro, Takuma and Koichi

Ryuichi 964

Yoshihiro 582

Takuma 469

Kohichi 704

Fan since: 2010
Favorite member: Yoshihiro
Favorite song: Candle + all other songs



My fansite about GUILD


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