Amairo no life

Notes near the coffee cup: 10th January 2015

Good evening!

It’s late evening, after less than 30 minutes will be the other day. But it’s still Saturday, late 10th January 2015. It will never be this day again. The time cannot be stopped, right?

I’m listening music and I was reading some blogs, that I follow, but after I finished I’m now just wondering what to do.
I’m bad coffee drinker today. Only 1 coffee and I still have a sip from it. Usually I drink more.

Today started the first lectures for this year – “Funding the arts“. Financial and economic subject, but I guess I was going to like it, if it wasn’t this teacher. She can’t teach us properly, because she don’t have proper education for teaching people. She’s not good at explaining.

However, the day passed very slow and I regret every minute that I stayed there. So little bit after 2pm I just took my things and left the room. I’m currently wondering should I go tomorrow, or simply to stay home… Still dunno.

Today is one of those days, in which depression puts its hands on me and I can’t do anything. I didn’t had passion for anything. Just plain white day… no thought, nothing.

I’m sick lately, so I’m staying at home – no work for 5 days. Unfortunately Monday is coming and I have to go there again. Until I find new work, which I’m currently looking for.

I’m having tons of plans for my own things, but I need finances first, so I should work somewhere else. I want to be still able to pay my bills. If there had a chance to have the job that I like – I’ll be the most happy girl in the world.

And for end of today’s rants – the weather is awful. It’s sunny, but if you go out you can successfully die from the powerful wind. It is just too much.


However, today will end soon. I hope tomorrow will be a better day!

Kiki β˜†β™ͺ


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