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The World Series: Okinawa

My second rotation the globe sets me in Okinawa. You know that I’m in love with Japan and this is probably my most desired place to visit after the main lands of Japan.

Okinawa Prefecture is the southernmost prefecture of Japan and it comprises hundreds of the Ryukyu Islands in a chain over 1,000 kilometres long. The history of the island is very long and interesting and I recommend you to go read about it here, instead of me writing too much facts.

There is 2 times of the year in which I would like to visit the isle – during summer, when it’s hot and I’ll be able to relax, while staying at the beach. The other time is beginning of winter (or in other language the end of the year) – this is time when my favorite band GUILD likes to make big concerts there. It would be worth to go on such live performance.

As I’m also adventurer and I love to travel, I would like to visit some of the big cities in Okinawa like Naha (the capital of this prefecture), Ishigaki, Miyakojima and also the city Okinawa. It will be nice and interesting journey for sure.

Ishigaki Island
Ishigaki Island

Yes, I really want to go visit this prefecture. There is beauty in every corner and places one will never forget. I had read too much thing about it. Recommended.

I’m curious which will be the next place I’m going to write about. I know it’s not much like guide, but much like wish list, but I don’t care. I cannot stop dreaming of travelling all those places.

Bye! Till next time!
~ Kiki


All rights for the pictures goes to their owners. I don’t own anything, except my words.


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