Song Review: Alex Pak – Lipstick

6 Let me meet you again with this Korean solo singer, named Alex Pak. He is probably one of my most favorite artists from South Korea, so maybe that’s the reason I always intend to write about him.

This time I’m going to write about the song “Lipstick”, which is the song from 6th chapter of his story and also the first song with video clip for Alex.

As I know what is the story about I can say that this song describes it very well. It’s slower melody, but catchy as well. I think it’s very good song. Other thing is that the video is also made very well. It’s filmed somewhere in Russia, I don’t remember well the exact city and place (so be sure to watch the credits in the end of the video).

This is definitely pop song. From the ones, which you start listen and you’re moved immediately somewhere else. In the video Alex introduce to us different world, where you can be anyone… Let’s see!

I’m put in a slow motion, moving in the rhythm of the song. Let’s follow Alex in this journey!

General note: 9/10


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