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Notes near the coffee cup: 25th February 2015


Or in other words – long time no see. It’s been almost a month since my last post here, but it was a month full of long days filled with things to do, sleepy nights, depressed moments, rewatching my favorite drama moments etc. so I wasn’t able to come here. Or maybe just wasn’t inspired to do so. However, I’m here now, writing this. I’m on my bed, holding my laptop on my knees, listening to an old playlist of songs, that I haven’t played from long time ago.

So, keeping in mind such tings, I successfully finished the first term of my master degree education. Final avarage mark – 6 (A) and good news is that I’ll be able to receive scholarship. I went to the Academy today and I submitted my documents. Now what I can do is waiting for aproval… or not.

I also been on a big meeting and I chose the theme for my new diploma work and the teacher, who have to help me with writing it. I’m not supposed to write the whole theme, but only can mention that it is for producing. Just a shot from the picture, which is going to be my upcoming life.

The other big event this month was when I went to radio Plovdiv. Plovdiv is my city and this is the national and regional radio. And you know… it was amazing. I was able to see all studios and recording rooms and everything. It was a great experience and it proved me that I want to grow big as a media as well as being a producer. It will be something big, I promise you. I promise ME!

And BIG news, guys – I started writing a book. It’s fictional. It’s interesting… it’s going to be for sure. It’s something that came to me one evening, while I was sitting on the bed and thinking about random things. I just came – the story, the characters, the place and all other things.
Bad thing for you is that I’m writing in Bulgarian, so you’ll not read anything soon. (xD) However, I’ll do my best to write and publish it.

It’s the end of February. Yes. And it’s also going to be the end of my laziness. I’m starting a diet, cuz I need to lose some weight. I’m going to spend this May’s holidays in my boyfriend’s home, meeting his relatives and so on, so I have to fit in my before-winter-clothes. Haha… Anyhow, this should happen. At least, I won’t let myself starving, so it will be rational diet. (If such exists).

Well, well! Let me play my playlist!

Mata! ~

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