Album Review: Arash – Superman

coverA long long time ago I was a big fan of Arash. Times when he started his career as a world known singer was actually my childhood – when I was still listening only the radio and watched music TV.

Last year Arash released full album, called “Superman” and incidentally I received it by a friend. It was perfectly covered and forgotten until today, when I was looking for some files and found it.

The album I have contains 17 songs – some of them are collaborations with other famous musicians, there is also some remixes, but the whole album is promising.

The first song is “One Day” with Helena and it’s a beutiful song, with lyical vocals and interesting melody. It’s more made with computers that live music, but it’s not bad. It can relax you.

Second song is titled “SLR” and Arash partners with T-Pain. While listening to it I strangely think about some American school movie, it can fit as a soundtrack of such. It will sound good, listened in a stadium.

“Tekoon Bede” is song number 3 and is something that I don’t usually choose to listen. No more words for it.

The next in the track list is the main song “Superman” featuring Nyanda. It starts good and have nice melody. I think it can stick in one’s mind for a long time. Fast and slow in the same time – 100% good collaboration.

“Ba Man Soot Bezan” is under number 5. This is a fresh song, absolutelly able to become big hit. It’s catchy and makes you wanna stand up and dance. I like it and can even move in synchron.

“She Makes Me Go” featuring Sean Paul is probably the most famous song from this album. It was on the TV for months and it’s still there as well. Song for the summer and for the disco. Makes you move your body. Makes you think about pleasure and the see.

The next song is “Doga Doga” with Medina. It continues with summer sound. I can’t understand even a word, but the sound is good, catchy.

“Ma Bala” is not very different from the others. It has fast sound as well as lil bit slower, but not bad.

“Delhore” is track number 9 and it’s with Nyanda. It begins interesting and reminds me of some old songs I used to listen to before. I like it.

Next comes “Melody” – nice song, catchy, with the sound of the summer.

“Broken Angel” is other famous song of Arash. He sings it with Helena and I think that this two singers make very beautiful songs together. I like this one a lot and I can listen to it very often.

Follows “Che Konam”, which isn’t bad song, but totally not my thing.

“On Est La” sounds more like song, that I’m able to listen. Not ad, catchy as most of the songs in the album.

The next comes “Boro Boro” with Nexus. This is the first song of Arash that I heard so many years ago. Of course, this is other recording with different rhythm, but the words are the same, so I can sing along. But to be honest, i like the original variant more than this in the album.

The next comes remix of “SLR” – faster sound, the same song. Not bad. And a remix of “One Day”. Both remixes are good.

Final song from the album is “Iran Iran World Cup 2014”. I don’t really have what to say about this song. Except that it’s so famous that everybody, who loves football likes it.

All in all, this album is full of fast tracks, good for dancing and smells of summer.

General note: 5/10


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