Amairo no life

Day Two: Back in Time

Today’s prompt is interesting and makes me think about many things, that happened in the past and to dream about many things, which I would like to experience in the future. Well, this time I won’t write about Tokyo… because I’m going back to London. Let me experience one day of my London’s life once again.

It’s early morning. As always my roommate is awake and prepare herself to go to work. I’m free again. And of course, looking for what to do today to find myself a job. I wasn’t able to stay there in the room anymore. Our room was small – with two beds, a wardrobe, one small commode, two bigger than the first, a table and a TV. My bed was under the window and as we lived in a street closer to a station, there had a lot of noise 24/7.

I got up and finally decided to go to this agency, to which I really didn’t wanted to go to. I didn’t wanted to work this, but at this time of the year was my final chance to find a work. I dressed myself with a jeans, green shirt and fashionable scarf. I put my hair in a ponytail, brushed my teeth and I was ready to go there. It was near Aldwych, so I had to go to the bus stop, even though the underground is near my home. What I loved in London was the opportunity to walk alone. This morning I totally fit in. I reached the bus stop in 9 minutes walking and then waited for the bus. I prepared my Oyster, ready to pay after entering the bus and after some time I finally was in the bus, travelling to this place.

17I liked to be in this buses. I always tried to be in the second floor and to watch the city. The city of London is a very beautiful place to live in. I liked to watch how we pass the big Elephant & Castle station, then the other winding streets while we get to Waterloo, and then going to the bridge. I was able to see Big Ben from my left side, proudly standing near the Houses of Parliament. It was far, there was a fog, but I was able to see it.

Quick walk get me to the Kean Street and I was waiting to talk with the people from the agency. It was good that they choose me a place to work in and sent me to go talk with the responsible person there. Again on my feet, I was going to explore.

I was holding the map with one hand and looking the signboards to understand where exactly to go. I looked at my phone, once again wishing to have a smartphone with maps. But no, I have to navigate myself without any other help except signboards and the fact that I wasn’t scared to ask the people for the way. I don’t remember how I went to the place, all I remember is that it was a full mess, but I did it. I was there and after I talked with the woman, I knew I have to go to work on the next day and this was the most important.

There I met a girl from Romania, and strangely, we liked each other. I had to go with her to the station, because she had no idea where to go. But it didn’t ended like this. This was my first time exploring Oxford street. Emma (the girl) decided to walk with me and we walked slowly, watching the shops and talking about various things. We went to see Trafalgar Square and passed through many sights through the whole Whitehall. We took a pictures with the horse in Horse Guard Parade and finally get to Westminster station. Big Ben was there – massive monument, which you just can’t pass through without giving an acknowledgement. And there was the place, in which I was again alone.

Westminster Bridge was there, waiting for me. I took my way, ready to go, looking for signboards and maps, because I had no idea where I’m walking. I felt alone and sad. But also, I felt like home. For those months I spent there, I already felt at home. Even though I had no idea where I’m going, I knew the city won’t leave me wandering around. It was my closest moment with this big city I was living in. It was like the city acknowledged me for taking the risk to explore it and helped me to understand why it is a big deal to live in it. I was passing by big hotels, big streets and slim lined houses – each one like the other from the line. It was a precious moment of recognizing myself like a person from the world. It was like fastly growing.

Then I was at home. I found it easily, for some kind of an hour walking. I entered my small room, which was looking just the same as the morning. I was at home. My laptop waited me on the bed, ready for me to open the next chapter from the book I was reading. The sounds coming from the window were the same as the previous day and the day before – people walking down the streets, the every other person, trailing its suitcase and screams of the children – the sound of the city. I took off my shoes, sat on the bed and watched at the empty table. It was time…


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