Day Three: Life’s Songs

Today’s Prompt: Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

As I’m person, who loves music and main duty is to follow music industry, this is very interesting challenge for me. It’s very hard to choose only 3 songs, but I think that I’ll be able to write about them. As I’m limited it time, I won’t be able to write more than 15 minutes. So let’s start.

1. ギルド – キャンドル (GUILD – Candle)
This is my most favorite song from all the songs I love. There’s no need to say that GUILD is my fav band, but this is not the point. In my life, I went through many bad things and there had times, in which I was very sad. This song here helped me to go through and to believe that I can do a lot more things in my life. Ryuichi’s voice and Yoshihiro’s guitar solo always made me feel safe. Thank you, guys, for making this song.

2. Schizothymia – CAPE OF GOOD HOPE
This song is writen by a very good friend of mine. I heard it in a time, in which I needed support. I was in a big black hole of depression and I wasn’t able to go through the many bad things, which occured in my life that moment. With this song, I felt better and safer and loved. I had the feeling that somehow this song is written for me. The words are so touching and so encouraging. Tomoくん、ありがとう!

3. ギルド – Happiness is the way
This is one of the first songs of GUILD that I heard and probably the one, which took me and made me go to their concert in Sofia (2010). From this moment on, I fell totally in love with this guys. It brings me joy every time I listen to it and makes me jump and sing along during the whole song. This song brings me moment of full turning table. From GUILD’s concert on, I started new way of life and new beginning. It somehow reminded me who I am and who I am supposed to be.

These are my 3 songs. Yes!


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