Amairo no life

Day Six: Persons

Today’s Prompt: Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

I’m not going to write about a person, who I know and maybe this is the most strange thing about my story. But well…

I work as a cashier and in my day I met so many people, that I can’t even count. With the time I started to remember my regular customers and most of them always prefer to come in my pay desk (not really sure that this is the correct word, but anyway). And because there is too many people I always tell to myself that it’s not my job to remember every person. Right?

Anyhow, this guy was really the one to remember. He was skinny, he was wearing sport outfit and its top was with long hood. He was hiding, so I wasn’t able to see his eyes. I’m sure he was younger than me and even though he was very skinny – he was strong.

It’s a big store, so it’s usual to have 2-3 people waiting and he was in the middle of the line. The girl after him was with so greater confidence that she made him to move one of his products, because it was an obstacle for her. And he took it even though it was a large 10 litres bottle of water. I wasn’t able to help him in the second, because I was the first customers to pay, but immediately made some free space for the bottle. Just to brace it.

And when it come the moment for him to pay, he gave me more coins, so I told him and returned them back to him. Strangely, he started to apologize. Of course, I assured him that everything’s ok. However, this is the whole story. I never saw him again, but he changed something in me. While he was there, I was feeling like he is from my family and that I have to protect him from the others. Something that I never felt before – so strong instinct of protection. I had never seen a person like him before. But I want to see him again…


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