Song Review: Robert Wauu – Zashto ne kazvash nishto?

Robert WauuThis evening I just heard about this guy and when I read the article about him, I thought it may be a joke. How come a Swedish guy is singing in Bulgarian? My language is not that popular, and also is very difficult. And then, of course, I read the whole article at “The Girls from the City” (in Bulgarian) and I decided to try to listen.

His story and his influence from Bulgarian musicians is probably the thing, which made me open the link and then to listen.

For this review I decided to write about the song “Zashto ne kazvash nishto?” (Why didn’t you say anything?). It’s a slow song, which starts in such melancholic sound, that makes me wanna cry. His voice reminds me of some old Bulgarian singer, but I can’t remember the name. While listening to the song, I feel like I’m back 10 years ago, when I was 14 years old and I was listening to such kind of music, back to the time, when my only worry is what am I supposed to eat.

The lyric itself has nothing to do with my feelings, but it’s good and if I wasn’t informed, I was going to think that this guy is from Bulgaria. However, I hope that he’ll be able to release his album in here. But listen for yourself as well.

General note: 8/10


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