Amairo no life

Notes near the coffee cup: 4th May 2015

Yes, yes. I was supposed to write for Writing101, but unfortunatelly I wasn’t able to finish it. You know, time in the university, my work shifts and everything else just ate my time and I wasn’t able to use my laptop. Yes, still have no idea how to post through my phone…

So, it’s Monday, and 3rd day in a row I’m gonna be 2nd shift. It’s kind of a tiring exercise. However, I’m used to it already and this month my lectures will finish and I don’t have to change my work schedule because of it.

It’s May! My month. After some days I’ll become fully 25 years old. After 16 days. And I’m totally unprepared for it. There is lots exams due to come, plus 2 defences of my diploma work, which I have to actually start to write. Tomorrow, I have free day and I plan to go to the library and actually to start writing it. I know, once I start, everything will change and I’ll finish it in some 4-5 days. I just have to start.

Meanwhile, go check my other websites – Nippon Heaven & Amairo’s Bookshelf!

Kiki ^^


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