Amairo no life

Notes near the coffee cup: 25th May 2015

I’ve got older. Already, officially 25 years old girl from the end of the world. (xD)

Yes, my birthday was this 20th May, so I have now quarter century behind my back. Lots of experience and lots of memories. I’m not sure how much of this I want to write.

2 days later I took my final decision and now I don’t have boyfriend. Yes, I’m single again. And it feels weird. And I have no idea why the hell it hurt me and I cry, as it was my decision, not his. However, I’ll go through it… I think.

Today started also my first holiday for this year. It’s one week long and when I return to work I’ll be working with other people, which is finally the salvation I was looking for.

Currently, I should be writing my diploma work, but I have n inspiration to sit down and think about it, so looks like that today’s gonna be rest day only… if I don’t decide something else till the end of the day.


However, this messy post will end with some pics from the last days…





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