Amairo no life

Notes near the coffee cup: 28th May 2015! Dear Music Industry…

Let me rant a little bit…

I’m totally confused. I have my one week holiday, and for God’s sake I’m sitting at home, looking at millions of books, searching tons of websites and you know what?… There is no fu**ing normal information about the process of recording and publishing music single/album in Bulgaria…

Everybody asks some silly questions and receive same silly answers. And do you know what it happened in the end? I sat down and started writing what I remember from movies and some bloggers… Japanese bloggers.

Highly apreciate the hep from the guys from euclid agency – GUILD and Anli Pollicino. Because of them and their pictures I was able to write any kind of information that I need. I would like to thank to all music movies from Japan, that I watched (yeah, that was silly, but I don’t care…)
And do you know what? I’m going to put in my diploma work the links to all Japanese sites and blogs…

If some day I become successful producer – this will be all because of them!

End of the post!


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