Album Review: Acoustic Corporation – Better Day

Acoustic Corporation 01

Acoustic Corporation is a Bulgarian band, formed in 2011. The music of “Acoustic Corporation” blends funk-rock, blues, swing, ska and balkan ethno music. I listened this band for the first time 2 months ago and I fell in love with them from the first song – the song “Far Away”. It was like a magic. Pure sound.

On 29th May happened “Kapana Fest” in my city and I went to hear them live for the first time. And it was awesome. The whole atmosphere was incredible. And finally I was able to buy their CD “Better Day”, for which I’m going to write in here.

coverThe CD begins with the song “Wondrous Fools”, which is sang in English and sounds like mixture of swing and funk, rock… I like the most the part with the saxophone and the trombone.

The second song is “Swing The Blues”, which should tell you that it’s all about swing. Fast song with catchy sound, even my fingers are moving in rhythm right now. Good mixture of instruments and perfect back vocals. I want to dance right now. Just awesome sound and I like this part with the drum solo.

“Better Day” comes third in a row and starts more like rock song with this guitar sound. The vocal Ivo Mateev provides more heavy sound than the other 2 songs and the results is absolutely amazing. As a person, who loves rock, this song just fell right on the target.

“Funky Fusion & Kuchek Illusion” is the 4th song from the album. This is the only song, sang by the female vocal Teodora Mateeva “Dochie”. It have interesting sound and very catchy melody. I like vocal’s voice – this woman apparently knows how to sing good. And this saxophone and the trombone sound – just awesome.

The final song from the CD is “Dalech” (Far Away). This is the only song in Bulgarian and the first song I heard from the band. It have more ethno sound – Alexander Mihaylov is playing the kaval with such great sound that it continue to play in my heart even after the song is over. What to say about the lyrics? They are thoughtful and made me think about so many things. This song is a sign – I started so many things in my life and everything is accompanied with this song.

I can say this is very powerful album. I like all the songs from it and I’m going to buy every single album by this band in the future. And not the last, big thanks to my colleague Stelian for sharing band’s music.

General note: 10/10


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