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Notes near the coffee cup: 19th June 2015

19 JuneIt’s been lots of time since I wrote, I know! But I finally finished my diploma work and now I feel good and I’m free to do what I want. The defence is the next Friday 26th, so I need to make presentation, but it’s easy, so I don’t push myself too much. Hehe…

Some very good things happened, some bad, but I feel good. There is some new opportunities for NH, so I need to work very hard to achieve more things. When something happens I’ll write here to say it. But right now, I just feel good!

Acoustic Corporation 02Other thing I have to say – I’m in love with a new Bulgarian band. Their name is Acoustic Corporation. Check out my review in World Music Reviews.

This guys (& girl) are just awesome and are already my favorite Bulgarian band. I think that they deserve more popularity – national and international. Check them out!

See ya! ~
Kiki ^^


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