Amairo no life

For Better!

It’s Monday afternoon! 6th July 2015!

I’m sitting here and thinking about the future – what I do and what I want to do. You know, I’m currently working in a place that I don’t like, but this is it. I can’t change this for now, but I’m looking for a new job. I hope that I’ll find something else really soon.

As I wrote many times before, I don’t have enough time for my things online and I feel very sad about it. I’m managing many fan websites, Nippon Heaven and some other blogs for my hobbies. I was thinkng about all this and I took some decisions. Deleting!

I’m going to delete 2 of my blogs and to hide probably 2 more others. Plus, some of the blogs will be compiled in 1. It is a hard decision, but in order to stay with my mind a little bit more & to have time for everything, I just need to do it. And I need to make a plan for each day… just because if I don’t have plan, I just stay at home and rest. So I need a plan!

I’m second shift today, so it means that I have to start preparing myself. Meanwhile, making that plan! Let the work begin!

PS: I’m super inlove with this song recently! Listen!


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