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Here, Near & Somewhere

Being free is dangerous! I’m so free – I do what I want, go wherever I want and can go with whoever I want. But last days was almost impossible to go out. It’s so hot, that I don’t show even my nose outside. Temperature goes higher than 38 degrees Celsius.

Of course, my duties can’t wait for the weather to become cooler, so in my free day I went to the Academy to return the book in their library. It was so hot, that I stayed there almost an hour. But it was pleasant to talk with some people there.

And guess what… after that I decided to go and just to walk through the City Center. I like this place.
Plovdiv 2019

And just randomly spent some money for desirable things…


– “Book of Life” by Deborah Harkness, third book from “All Souls Trilogy”, Bulgarian edition;
– a bag
– Hello Kitty stickers

The stickers are already in use. The bag too. And as I’m currently reading 5th book from “The Mortal Instruments” series, the book should wait to finish the other series.


And here follows just a random picture from today, when I was at the bus while returning home after work…

The bus was almost empty as the time was around 4:20 pm. And the streets are empty as well. Most people are having holidays at this time of the year, but not me. I’ll probably have my holidays sometime in the beginning of September.

Well, for the next year I have 3 plans:
Plan A: saving money and spending my holiday in Tokyo, Japan – I’m not really sure how much possible is this, but why not?… I’m curently looking for PhD in Japanese universities.

Plan B: saving not that much money and spending my holiday in Paris, France. This is a bit more possible than plan A. If I go for it, I may end in Paris for a week. And who knows… I may fall in love ^^ xD

Final plan C: saving money and spending my holiday in Venice, Italy. For this plan I can go with a bus instead of flying and it may be even cheaper.

Anyhow, time will show what will happen. Near plans for next months – to buy Bulgarian editions of the books “Fallen Too Far” by Abbi Glines and “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard.

And for the end of the post, let me greet you with a song from a Bulgarian girl band Trio Soprano – Lyubov Edinstvena (Only Love).

See ya!
Amairo ~


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