Amairo no life

Forth & back, happy & unhappy, lost & found… and Rowing!

Strange title, right? Haha… why not, anyhow?

Last week were crazy as hell and I had so many experiences during this time I hadn’t imagine. I’m still trapped in my city, but I found a way to enjoy it a bit, instead of moaning about it. First things first, I bought myself a bycicle and… I returned it the next day. I had some great hours riding and then everything went wrong. “Nice” experience, right, huh? Aand… I refrained from getting another bike, so I’ll just wait the exact time to come. I think I’ll understand…

I’m pretty much realising that I’m not happy at all here and I really need some change in the current situation. I need new home and definitelly new job. The time spent in the store is absolutely awful and I see my ex every day. I don’t want to see him at all, I realized recently. I even started to hate him a little. I don’t even want to be a friend with him… at all costs.

The best thing that happened during this time was the World Rowing Under 23 Championship, which happened to be in my city. The best thing was that there was a Japanese rowers, and most of all, they visited the place I work in every day. And don’t know why but my hands were trembling every time I meet some of them… haha!

The girls were absolutely lovely and talking with them was so easy and great feeling. Surprisingly to me was the fact what I was a bit scared to talk in Japanese with them, even though I knew what I should say, I just continued speaking in English. Weird, ne?

In other side, the boys… they were scary. Haha… Yes, really. The only proper conversation I was able to make was with this guy Otsuka Yoshihiro (in the store) and with Fukui Yasushi and Takeuchi Tomoya while taking a picture with them during the final day of the championship.

And just for a say, I’m totally inspired by this lovely girl Tomita Chiaki. She won a Silver medal in her categorie and I’m glad I was there to watch. She is absolutely friendly girl and I’m glad I was able to add her in Facebook, so I may stay in contact with her.

Here follows some pics from this event – officially asked for and me, the papparazzi girl (xD)



Watching at medal's ceremony! Yay!
Watching at medal’s ceremony! Yay!
Noda Maki & Takashima Miharu
Noda Maki (right) & Takashima Miharu (left)
Totally acting like... papparazzi xD
Totally acting like… papparazzi xD



It was really fun and nice experience, which made me feel happy for some curtain time. Rowing is going to be my new favorite sport to follow! And Japanese team as well, of course!

But for now, I hope I’ll find new things to make me feel happy!



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