Amairo no life

Hello to Myself

Hello, my dear all!

#nowplaying is “Hello to Myself” and probably that’s why this is my title. But anyhow, it also have connection with what I’m going to write today.

So, I was checking my mail box and found so many messages, which reminded me what I want to do and what I currently do. You know, I’m passionate about so many things. Well, mostly music and books. I really do prefer to sit down and read a good book instead of wathing a movie. Along with that, to listen good music.

You may know that I have to blogs – one for books & second for music reviews. And I want to write more. More and more reviews. And I want to start publishing books in my own language.. and to help so many writers.. & to write more music reviews and bring many artist to play in my country…

But most of all, I want to go to Japan. I want… so I must work hard, ne?


Meanwhile, some time ago I started editing a book of a young writer, but recently I quit that thing. Not that the story was bad, it wasn’t. It’s actually very interesting story, but the girl just stepped too much on my nerves. A book with lots of grammatical mistakes cannot be edited for a month or two, especially with my other work schedule.

But… I’m not quiting this activities. But not as an editir, more like a book agent. Soon!


So I do say “Hello to Myself”, to my true self, hello to the person, born in the wrong country… Hello to ME!

I’ll follow my dreams!

Hello, Myself!




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