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New job & other stories…


Yeah, I started new job before 3 weeks. It’s absolutely different from the previous one and it’s totally amazing thing. I now work in an office, 5 days a week in very acceptable hours. And I have time. Well, I wish to have time, but it’s whole other story.

So, what I do work? I create websites, using WordPress platform. Moreover, I’m taking care of the daily updates at my company’ website & all its profile at most social medias. It’s funny thing to do and I do enjoy it a lot. My “boss” have lots of experience and I’m glad that I’ll be able to learn a lot from him. Currently, I’m the only one woman in the team, but this may change in the future, but you know, it’s nice to work with men, there’s no drama at all. xD

An Offer!
So, my company works internationally and if you’re interested of having good wordpress site without worrying of “how to do it” and want to sign in and start posting, here comes the offer:

Write me e-mail at, so we can talk about it!


What’s happening with my websites?
Well, this is not the best part here. I write some updates (news), but unfortunatelly I can post only through the weekends. Through the week days I’m at work and I must take care of my grandma at the evenings, so I barely have enough time. Plus, housekeeping is taking lots of my time now. My mother will stay 2 months in London to take care of my nephew, so my sister and her husband to accept more work. So, really no time for websites. 😦


Goodreads Reading Challenge 2015???
Total mess. As I have no time, I can’t read as fast as I would like to. I’ll fail with the challenge this year for sure. I’m currently reading “Awaken” by L.J. Sealey and I have some more books waiting in a row. The thing is that this didn’t stopped me and last days I bought some new books.


These books up there are “Never Too Far” by Abbi Glines & “Stealing Phoenix” by Joss Stirling.


Well, that’s all for this post. I may soon write a new post with my music statistic for the last month, so I’ll be back soon! ^^



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