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Amairo on Saturday: End of November

It’s almost the end of November and the weather is changing a lot. We still have sunny day, but it started to rain more and more. Everything and everyone are a lot more into the upcoming Christmas. Strangely, instead of being lazier, I started to work even more. But yeah, such things happen to me every once in a while.

At work:
There isn’t much to say – I’m writing parts of the business plan for the next year and mostly do things like a copywriter. And I’m happy that this Thursday I wrote my best article, when it comes to on-page SEO. Also, it looks like that I’m gaining more confidence and soon I’ll have even more things toΒ  do.

At home:
I’m happy, because mom is finally at home. Now, I’m free and I’ll have more time for friends, online activities and to go out and participate at cultural events. Plus, now I don’t have to worry about cooking and cleaning. Oh yeah! ^^

01. An Ember in the AshesI started “An Ember in the Ashes” some days ago. It looks like an interesting story and I’m tempted to read it. You can see more about this book in my other website. Soon after I finish it I’m going to write review about it, so you can stay in touch. Of course, only if you want to. ^^

Uh, during the week also finished to “books” by the author Kiki Wellington and being honest, I didn’t liked them. Not that it’s all erotic books, but I wasn’t impressed at all. I got her books because of her name, but I think that I’m not going to read her works from now on. It’s probably just not my thing.


Listening to:
Mixes. Mostly mixes. Some Japanese music, some Western music etc. And because one of the websites I work on, there is a song on my mind, that haunts me recently. Here it comes:

What I’m excited about:
We’re going to the party on 21st December. With all the coalleagues from all the companies. I think it will be interesting.

Inspiring image:

It’s so good to see my boys. I love this band! Viva KAT-TUN!

Inspiring quote:
“Come to me, squeeze my hand, know my loneliness, and give me the love, the strength to prevail on the perilous road before me.”
Dang Thuy Tram

When it comes to fashion, I love all shots taken from Harajuku streets. Just… everything fits.


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