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Amairo on Saturday: Merry Christmas!~

Hello! See you again after 3 weeks of abcense. Lots of things had happened since then and first, I wasn’t able to write and second, I wasn’t in mood for writing. Too busy schedule, yes. But well, it’s the end of the year. 2015 will end after 5 days only. Yeah, it’s almost gone.

At work:
Too much things happened at work. We moved our working place, so now we’re in another room, in which finally we’re not freezing. Which is very good thing. I have some new things to do, which include creating a website in Chinese. This is an absolute challenge. Yes, I’m used to kanji, but in the Japanese language, not Chinese, however I’ll do my best for it to become a good site.

At home:
My grandma had died on 11th December. I was ruined… I still am, and I’m trying to do my best not to fall. My graduation was on 12th and my parents insisted to go take my diploma, so I wasn’t at the funeral. It was hard, it is hard and it will be hard to accept that she’s no longer with us. I still expect her to come home, but she’ll never do it.

Listening to:

My best friend Zori gave me as a Christmas present, the new live CD of Acoustic Corporation, so I’m listening to it. The best music. I’m in love with this band for ever!
Also, I found a new favorite band – Halestorm. Their music is so good, I can listen to them on repeat for long time in the future. For sure.

What I’m excited about:
Well, I just wait for 2016 to come.

Inspiring image:
After all, it’s Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!~

Inspiring quote:
“I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.”
Donald Trump

Before going on hiatus, my most favorite band GUILD will release 2 best albums, so I’m going to order them next week. I just have to receive my monthly salary and will order for sure.

That’s all for now!
See ya!
~ Kiki


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