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Amairo on Sunday: Let It Snow

The things are going out of touch. I must say… It’s 17th January and the snow hit us again last night. It was raining all day long and in the end finally it started snowing. So we currently have about 15cm snow covered the city and most of the country. And oh, it’s still snowing! ^^ Okay, I secretly love the snow. xD

Anyhow, it also turned that I changed my rambles day from Saturday to Sunday, so I may mostly post this kind of blog on Sundays, so I can cover the whole week. ^^ Here I go!


At work:

This week was funny. I almost did nothing at work, apart of my attempt for finding the best way for doing some SEO. Now I have the thoughts of link building and creating connections. Most of all, I worked on my own websites, just because my boss forgot to give me to-do list. I was free. ^^


At home:

I tried to re-design my room. I moved some of the things and now there’s more place for my books and CDs. Now it looks fresh and kind of tidy. Well, i’m still looking for apropriate place for all my phones, tablets and now growing number of laptops. xD



Three Little WordsI found this book in my Kindle, so I decided to give it a go one month ago. I’m still strugling with it anyhow. It’s having more than I wanted… which actually is not what I’m currently looking for in a book, but I started it and no matter how slow it will be, I’m going to read it. Plus, it’s only 205 pages, so it’s not that much struggle, but…

Synopsis: Two years ago serious, sexy law student Malachi “Mal” Hunter broke wild child Adele Cavanaugh’s heart. When Mal is thrown back into her life…and she meets Dorian Marshall, the bad boy lead singer of the Australian band Three Little Words, her analytical mind can’t compete with her racing heart (and other body parts that pulse).

Three Little Words quickly becomes Two Hot Choices, but Adele doesn’t know how to choose just one when they both help to ease her pain…and fuel so much pleasure.

I think I probably bought it, because of “the bad boy lead singer”.

all souls bgAnd yesterday I finally was able to finish my collection you see in right. Now I own all the three books from “All Souls Trilogy” by Deborah Harkness. On Wednesday I finally found the second book in one of the big bookstores in my city and I was absolutely happy when a girl from the staff told me that she can find and order the first book. So yesterday she called me and I went to the bookstore. Now I have them all and I’m happy. So now should only wait for the next book to be released. Deborah announced it some months ago and now I try to wait patiently, but believe me – it’s very very hard to wait for such special book. I think I can survive though. xD


Listening to:

I’m recently listening a lot to Joe Satriani & Steve Vai. It’s all thanks to my boss. xD But I’m tempted already.


Working on:

It’s live. The new version is ready. Nippon Heaven is already alive! xD I transfered the domain to registrar and the site is hosted in one of the servers of my boss. For me – free! You can now check it by clicking on this link here!


Inspiring image:

snow 16th january

I think I told you that it’s snowing. ^^ This is the view from my window. Soon enough I had to go to the store, so I’ll try to make some more snowy pictures.


Inspiring quote:

“Love is like a tree: it grows by itself, roots itself deeply in our being and continues to flourish over a heart in ruin. The inexplicable fact is that the blinder it is, the more tenacious it is. It is never stronger than when it is completely unreasonable.”
Victor Hugo



I’m absolutely out of touch this week, so there’s nothing new to write in this section. Well, next week  – more!


This is all for today! See you soon!
~ Kiki ^^


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