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Amairo on Sunday: Another week goes on

Another week passed and today officially is the end of January. I had to do so many things, but I’m sitting here doing nothing. It’s one of those days in which you only want to stay and rest. And the weather don’t help at all – it’s foggy and somehow dark. And there’s no scent of my yesterday’s good mood. Anyhow…


At work:

It was long week. It passed not that slow, maybe because of the free days. I was sick, so I spent some time at home to rest. Anyhow, finally some movement. I finally started this website, which is going to be in Bulgarian and Chinese. I had to wait for some formal things, but I’ll really start it this upcoming week. Oh yeah!!!


At home:

Struggling for space. I need to put some things in place, but this is the hardest thing to do.



BloodlinesI found and bought the first 2 books from “Bloodlines” series by Richelle Mead. I’ve got them on Monday and I finished the first book – Bloodlines – on Tuesday. And as I had only the first two books I put myself on hold. I went on a walk through city’s main street and I wasn’t able to resist entering the bookstore, so I’ve got 3rd and 4th books as well, but I’m still in a on-hold mode, because I know I’ll read them way to fast, so I’ll wait till I buy the last 2 books. I know it’s a bit stupid, but my logic is strange usually… Anyway, the first book was absolutely interesting and I sank in its story in the same way as in Vampire Academy series. Sidney was awesome and I’m also glad that I’ll be able to read even more about Adrian as he tends to become one of my favorite characters from this story. But yes, I must wait…

So, instead I started “The Queen of the Tearling” by Erika Johansen. Also a book from my Kindle, which awaits me from a long long time – “Branded” by Keary Taylor, which is the first book from a series called “Fall of Angels”. I finished the first 2 chapters and I think that it’s not that bad as some people review it – but will read, will see. There’s nothing guaranteed in books as we know, it may begin good but to end up boring and vice versa. Not going to judge fom the beginning.


Listening to:

This week’s music was provided by Acoustic Corporation and Season of Ghosts’s album “REMIXING THE PARADOX”. The vocalist Sofia has awesome voice and even remixes sounds so well. It’s recommended album and if you happen to see it or to listen to her – do not hesitate. Check her on the official home page.


Working on:

This week I mostly worked on “Amairo’s Bookshelf”. There is still many titles to be transfered, but little by little this will be done as well. I finally managed to download the project on NetBeans so some bugs will be fixed very very soon and when the site is ready all the books ramblings will be posted in there. ^^


Inspiring image:
31 january

Just because…


Inspiring quote:

“The dead can survive as part of the lives of those that still live.”
Kenzaburo Oue


Going to skip “Japan” part this week, but I’ll probably write more next time about it. And so, I think I’m done. This time for sure.

See you soon again!~


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