Amairo no life

Changes! All over again!

There is nothing constant! Everything changes so fast and not everything is for good!

I know, I don’t write blog posts about myself recently. But this time I need to do it, I need to write my feelings somewhere, where there is nobody who actually knows me.

It’s weird that whenever I need to do this, I use an unknown space in Internet instead of talking with my parents or a good friend. Probably because there isn’t anybody who’s gonna understand me in correct way. I dunno. Plus, there is that moment when I want to share my thoughts in English and there’s nobody, who would like to talk with me in language different from my native Bulgarian. Maybe I’m the weird one!

Anyway, there are big changes in my life. Again! At work, at home, my friends… What should I start with?

The biggest change is in my work. My boss left us and is no longer part of the company and I he did it during my summer holidays and I wasn’t able to do anything to stop him. I feel bad that I wasn’t there because maybe, just maybe, he would stay. I miss him a lot. He was one of the smartest people I know and also the person with most reasonable decisions. And I don’t have to mention (but I will) that I like him not only as my boss, but also as the great man he is.

Plus, I’m changing the company after 2 months. It’s not official, but when it is, I’ll probably write somewhere what it is all about.

Also, at home the change is even worst. Well, it was. I had the most scariest summer vacation ever. My dad went through a surgery – after he came back home the bad thing happened and he was once again admitted to hospital. 3 days later, my mom was admitted to hospital as well and urgently needed a surgery – the doctors said that if we had waited even an hour or 2, she would had died. Fortunately, both of them are at home now and feel better.

Now, I feel alone. There was that moment of realization who’s my friends for real. I’m not an easy person, I know, but I don’t want too much. Well, I don’t really want to write about this, so I’ll think more about the current situation and will decide what’s the best for me. Ya know, I’m tired of thinking about the others… I’m going to think about myself first! I need to be content with myself, no matter what other people think about me!

With this, I’m gonna stop my rambling!


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