Amairo no life

Let the new journey begin…

It’s the end of January 2017! The new year has begun with with so much new thoughts and ideas and I wasn’t able to think about anything else.

What’s the best thing to start a new year? Of course, with a old new journey. In my case this was 13 days holiday in London. I love London and this is my second stay there. And I loved it even more. I was at my sister’s place during the stay, which was Zone 4 in South London and believe me, this means to use metro and train a lot. And I bought tons of books, and music.

Now, when I’m back home I think about all the things all over again. I had enough time to make decisions about my life in general. And I did it. I quit my job yesterday, yet I have a whole month until everything is over. But yes, I finally did it! And I feel good! Yeah!

And I’m on a lookout of new possibilities – in Sofia (capital of Bulgaria) or in London. But first of all, I need to write down my new year’s resolutions! So, let’s begin…

AmairoAmairo’s 2017 Life Resolutions:

1. To find new job, which I’ll definitely love!

2. To read more book, to buy less books!

3. To listen to more music!

4. To travel more!

5. To find a new place to live in!

6. To fall in love!

7. Write more!

8. Love more!

9. Live more!

10. To go to more live concerts of musicians I love!

11. To watch more movies and TV shows!

12. To be more independent!

13. To do more things that I love!


Welcome, 2017! Be good with me!


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