Nippon Heaven

Nippon Heaven is a project, which I started before more than 2 years with my friend Dani. We are both in love with all Japanese things, so we decided to make a forum about Japan!

I am the one doing the design, forums and most administrative things. Dani is writing part of the content. 1 year ago another member joined – our friend Milena. So we became 3. We talk about many things and them made Facebook page and later Facebook profile of our project. I’m very very glad that lots of people read our things. We work mostly to promote Japanese music all around the world. Japanese music mostly Visual kei, but some time ago also metal, rock, screamo etc. bands.

I’m very happy when some bands write to us, asking for a promotion. This makes me feel very good. I’m happy, because people knows us. And as I wrote in one of my articles, I made my first interview. This is a big step for me. So, I’m stopping writing and I’m gonna write all the links to our profiles in the Internet. Be sure to check all of them! OK?

Nippon Heaven Official
Nippon Heaven Official Forum

Facebook Profile
Facebook Page
Twitter Account
Ameblo Account
MySpace account (this one made itself alone xD)
LΠ° group

Check it out, yo!!


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