Confession Song

I wasn’t able to check until today, but turned that one of my favorite band are making winter edition for their latest release. Yes, these are GOT7 and I’m absolutely in love with their last song and its video – 고백송 (Confession Song). Check it out and enjoy! It’s very much Christmas related. ^^

Amairo no life

Amairo on Saturday: New ideas hitting my mind

I had a lot of thoughts recently and I realized that I really do miss blogging. This pure idea of sharing your thoughts with other people, and not only write articles about something. So that’s why I decided to try to renew this experience and to be more active in here – this current blog.… Continue reading Amairo on Saturday: New ideas hitting my mind



I feel like this is the song of my day today. I dunno why, but it surely is. I do some things and thing some things that can’t actually happen and it’s going to be pure disaster. Anyhow, just listen to this pure awesomeness.